Our Kit

The club’s branded kit supplier is Champion Systems who offer a range of triathlon, running and cycling kit. Order windows are set up twice a year for members to order kit direct from the Champion website. This is sent to the club Kit Secretary who then coordinates getting it to members.  In advance of an order window, the club arranges to borrow some sample kit from Champion to allow members to try on different sizes and styles.

Tri2O hoodies, beanies and buffs are also available. These are great for keeping warm at winter events and for supporting your club mates – you can’t miss Tri2O orange in a crowd. Orders of these are arranged three times a year.

When a new order window is opened this will be posted on the Tri2O closed Facebook page and an email circulated to all members.

You may have noticed some members wearing pink club kit. This “Special Hendo Edition” kit was created in memory of a much loved member of Tri2O, Katie Henderson, who tragically died in 2015. She was an immensely talented young athlete who had so much more left to offer, and her generous, kind and fun-loving personality is still sorely missed in the club. She was known as the “Pink Lady” because it was her favourite colour!