Club Championships

During the year the club runs the Tri2O Club Championship for members. The aim of the competition is to not only maximise involvement but also get everyone’s race achievements heard and spoken about.

The format for 2023 isn’t going to follow a predetermined set of chosen events but instead we are going to allow all events you compete in to be used towards the competition. There will be awards for Sprint, Standard, Middle Distance and Full Distance races plus a multisport category for Swim/Run, Duathlon or any other combination!

Any events you’re already completed this year or plan to complete can be counted. Happy days!

The scoring will follow a similar format to that used by British Triathlon for International or European qualification events.

For example :
Your “score” for a race is your time as a percentage of the winning time in your age category (if you win it would be 100%) Please note that your lowest percentage, i.e. best race result relative to your age category, will be taken in deciding who the winners are for each type of race. The age categories will be decided by the race organisers and will not necessarily be the 5-year ranges applied by British Triathlon.

After competing in a race in one of the above categories please add your time and the time of the winner in the age category you were competing in to the Club Champs spreadsheet

The final cut-off date to submit results will be 31st October 2023

Winter Running Series

Winter is a great time for running. As we are in the base phase of training, it is also an excellent time to socialise with Club mates. This year we are holding a Winter Running Series, on the second Saturday of every month, we will be visiting a different parkrun.
Is it Competitive? Yes…If you want it to be… set yourself a time, aim for bragging rights by beating a club mate or even have a little wager on who has to get the coffees in. Or if you just want to run at your own pace and enjoy it, that is great too!! The series is also bookended by Dinton, so (weather dependant) you can measure progress.
Do I have to stay for coffee/cake/breakfast after? No… But if you have the time, it would be encouraged; it is lovely to catch up with each other!

Below is the schedule for 2022-23.

12th Nov Dinton Pastures pakrun 5km
10th Dec Reading parkrun 5km
14nd Jan Woodley parkrun 5km
11th Feb Newbury parkrun 5km
11th Mar Dinton Pastures pakrun 5km