Club Championships

During the year the club runs a Triathlon Competition for Tri2O members.  The aim of the competition is to encourage club members to participate in various triathlons as a club and to encourage and support each other. The events are selected so they attract as many club members of different abilities as possible to those events.  The competition covers multiple distances from Sprint, Olympic, Half Iron distance, Club relays and Aqua Bike.

We also have a Novice Tri Championship which incorporates pool based swims aimed at encouraging members who are new to triathlon. 

During the Winter months we have a Winter Running Competition (Tri2O WRC) with a mixture of parkruns, cross country and road races. This is a perfect opportunity for any new members to meet other Tri2O members. Tri2O WRC usually runs from November to March.  The Gutbuster in December is one of the most popular races in the Tri2O WRC calendar with over 40 members participating in the mud fest.

Following are the list of events for Tri2O WRC 2019/20 calendar.

You can enter as many races as you like.The best seven age graded results will count to the final score.Of those seven, a maximum of four parkrun (best) results will count.