Apart from being a great club full of welcoming Triathletes from all sporting backgrounds, we offer great training as well as some great fringe benefits from local businesses

At Tri2O, we pride ourselves on being a Club accessible to athletes from all backgrounds.  For that reason, annual membership in the first year is ONLY £30!  Yes £30! and subsequent years it’s £25.

And what’s more we also offer family membership for 2 family members which costs £55 in year one and £50 thereafter  – but it is only for 2 family members joining at the same time.

We do have costs to cover though so fees are payable for the other training sessions (mainly the swims) as follows:

1. Swimming Sessions: 1 Swim Card (10 swims) can be purchased for £65.  These swims can be used whenever you like (no time limit).  This works out at £6.50 per swim (similar to your local pool!)

2. Cycling Sessions: FREE…  though we would highly recommend buying the group ride leader a cup of tea and a piece of cake afterwards.  Only one per leader is required though!