Terms & Conditions

Please take note of Point 3 regarding deferral of entries.

The Terms and Conditions of entry to the race are as follows:

Reading Triathlon 2020 Terms & Conditions

  1. Conditions and event instructions: By entering the triathlon you agree to abide by the Conditions of Entry and any instructions given to you by the organisers. I agree that I enter this event at my own risk, and I understand that the organisers cannot be held responsible for any loss I incur, or injury I sustain in connection with the event.
  2. Entry Limit: Applications will be accepted up to the entry limit in the order of date received. Entries after this date will be put on a first-come/first-served waiting list.
  3. Entry Fee: If your entry is accepted your fee is not refundable. If you are unable to race for any reason you may defer your entry to the following year’s race, up to 31st July 2020. After this date no deferrals will be granted.
  4. Medical Condition: All participants are strongly advised to consult their doctor prior to undertaking any exercise programme or sporting event. Any condition should be written on the back of your race number.
  5. Event mementos: Only finishers will receive a commemorative medal.
  6. For reason of safety: No entries are permissible from people on roller skates, in wheelbarrows, pushchairs, carrying objects for charity etc.
  7. No pets, dogs or horses: Only people with a guide dog will be permitted and if we are advised, a position at the rear of the field will be allocated.
  8. Mailing List: Your name will be added to our mailing list so that we can keep you informed about future events and services. This information will only be available to the partners of Tri2O Triathlon Club Ltd. If you prefer your name not to be included please tick the appropriate box on the entry form.
  9. Data protection: Tri2O complies with the GDPR and you have the right of access to your personal records.
  10. Use of image: By entering the event you give permission for the free use of your name, voice or picture in any broadcast, telecast, advertising promotion or other account of this event.
  11. Event cancellation: If the event is cancelled or delayed due to unforeseen circumstances we will endeavour to stage the event at a later date. In such circumstances we will try to let you know in writing of the cancellation or delay. Our entire liability in respect of all costs and expenses you may incur as a result of such cancellation or delay will be the entry price you have paid to take part in the event.
  12. Race numbers: The swapping of race numbers is strictly prohibited, unless authorised by Tri2O, and a £5 admin fee is paid. Participants must complete their details and sign the back of the race number prior to starting the event.
  13. Change of address: If your address details change after you submit your application you must notify Tri2O accordingly with your old and new addresses and date of birth.